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For the best legal assistance in the Lee County, Florida area, call attorney Howard Atkin of the Atkin Law Firm. With over 30 years of experience in the legal field, Howard works hard to ensure the best possible outcome for you. Howard offers the resources, litigation skills and experience to win your case!

Atkin Law Firm is a fully licensed law practice with a focus in family law, civil law, criminal law, mediation and more. As a proud member of the Lee County Bar Association and the Florida State Bar Association, you can trust the expertise of attorney Howard Atkin.

Since 1979, Howard Atkin has been assisting clients with all types of legal matters. Representing clients in all cases, including litigation, no matter what kind of case it is, Atkin Law Firm will always make your case a top priority.

Attorney Howard Atkin stays current with the most recent legal matters in order to defend his clients strongly and confidently. He is passionate about the law and always strives to achieve
the best results with every case. Howard understands that when it comes to family related cases, compassion and empathy are essential and must be present throughout the legal process. His extensive experience, resources and reputable law firm, allows him to represent a variety of clients in a wide range of fields. For the best representation in the area, call Atkin Law Firm today!

If you live in the Lee County, Florida area and you have a current legal issue such as family law, criminal law, mediation or other, and want to know what options you have regarding an upcoming case, please contact Howard Atkin of Atkin Law Firm. Howard looks forward to helping you resolve all of your legal issues.